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A few tips

Before walking or swimming in the lake, it is best to wear protection such as water shoes or sandals. You must provide sufficient drinking water for all walks. For longer walks also a snack or food. On the way there is rarely anything to obtain

Attention! from 1 July 2018, the maximum permitted speeds on secondary roads in France will change. You may then only drive 80 Km/h instead of 90. Be warned. Nowadays there are many speed cameras along the road that check in both directions. Warning devices that indicate the exact speed camera locations are prohibited. Devices that indicate the 'dangerous zones' are allowed.

In Saint-André-les-Alpes, about 20 Km away, there is a Dutch-speaking doctor, Doctor Lieven Lambrecht. Driving to St André the doctor's office is just after the first roundabout on the left side of the road.

Doctor Lieven Lambrecht
Route De Nice, 04170 Saint-André-les-Alpes
Tf: 0033 492 89 00 02

There is a private parking space in front of the chalet.

The car should not be parked on the street, not even partially.

No additional sleeping places such as a mobile home, tent or caravan may be placed in the domain.

No noise is allowed after 23:00 to guarantee the residents' night's rest.

Some dogs are not allowed in France.
Dogs must always be on a leash on the domain.
Pets are not allowed on the children's playgrounds. (Playground, swimming pool)

There is a veterinary clinic in Castellane

Clinique Veterinaire du Verdon
Plan de la Palud, 04120 Castellane
Tf: 0033 492 83 00 00

Parking is paid in Castellane in the summer! It is best to park in the free car park when entering Castellane, or in the free car park just across the Verdon at the swimming pool, towards Grasse.

Some impressions on Youtube:

Gorges de Verdon

Lac de Castillon

Saint Julien du Verdon

Demandolx and the lake

The return of the vultures along the Verdon


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